It is our pleasure to inform you that Dr. Esra Akbas is the recipient of Junior faculty Award in the Natural Science pillar. It was awarded by College of Arts and Science at Oklahoma State University. The Junior Faculty Mentor award goes to a faculty member who has inspired the less-experienced around them by passing on their accumulated knowledge and experience.


Dr. Esra Akbas, Director of DELab, has been awarded a $174K National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to carry on fundamental research for the project entitled “Structure-aware Graph Compressing: From Algorithms to Applications”.This project aims at developing novel graph compression (summarization) methodologies that facilitate efficient analysis of large graphs and advancing a wide spectrum of graph-related applications. This project will: 1) explore the spatial locality property of graphs by taking the structural information from different aspects, including similarity of nodes and cohesiveness of subgraphs; 2) develop the corresponding novel structure-aware compression methods to tackle the challenges brought by large real-world networks; and 3) build more tailored architectures with proposed compression methods for various problems, including network embedding and community search and evaluate them on real-world applications such as link prediction, node classification, anomaly detection, and community detection. Its outcomes will be disseminated through publications, tutorials, workshops, as well as open-source tools, code, and datasets.

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